woensdag 25 juli 2012

Research booklet: Eigenzinnig

3th year graphic design, school assignment for system class.
We had to pick a certain word out of a text and do a whole research of how this word can be represented by graphic design. I choose the word "eigenzinnig" (quirky). After doing a lot of research on how to express quirkiness in different fields: typography, whitespace, grid,... etc. we had to make a booklet showing all the research we'd done and our conclusion. So this is my booklet which explains the research I’ve done on "quirkiness" in graphic design. It shows this research in a graphic quirky way. This because we had to show that we understood what we had researched and put our conclusion into action. For example I binded the booklet with rubber bands. Binding a booklet with rubber bands is quite quirky, but also the rubber band holds some characteristics which can be associated with quirkiness. Next the front and back cover of the booklet are the same, so you don’t know which end of the book is the right one. I did this because quirkiness, for me, also represents little graphic jokes like that. Last but not least, I choose for a weird paper shape. The sheets go from small to wide, and at the bottom of the page there is a little white corner. I did this on purpose because quirkiness means to me "something that derives from the usual" which is shown by the little corner at the bottom of the sheet.

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