zondag 11 december 2011

Advertising: Flagbag

3th year graphic design. Assignment for my advertising class.
We had to build up a little campaign for the company "flagbag" within a month.

"Flagbag cuts old flags into pieces and makes them into bags and accesoires. That way we create jobs and improve the environment"

They already had a logo so we only had to make a fitting slogan. I choose the slogan "a neverending lovestory". This slogan refers to the neverending life of the old flags which are turned into new stuff. I also want to create the illusion that the consumer will love the product once he has bought it, and doesn't want to get rid from it. Next we had to create three labels which included the logo, which were going to be sewn onto the assecories. We had to make a b2c label, a b2b label and a limited edition label. I did this by using different colors and add a swirl in the b2b and limited labels. We also had to made a price tag for the bags, I just used the same graphics as in my logo and labels. After that we had think of a display and a package. For the display i made a small cardboard shape in which little bags can lay. The display also had to be easy to build up so i only used big cardboard shapes which you have to slid together. For the packaging I started from the idea that flagbag, as also being a 2nd-hand-store, would have a lot of plastic bags. Because people bring their old stuff mostly in plastic bags towards the store. So I thought of re-using those plastic bags and just put in each plastic bag a little cardboard card. On this card there's the logo and also some more information about the company. And because the plastic bags are transparent people can still see the flagbag card through the bag of someone walks with it down the street.

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