dinsdag 27 december 2011

Package and T-shirt design: Pluplush

3th year graphic design, Assignment for my skills class.
For this assignment we could do whatever we wanted. We had to look in our portfolio and look what was still missing from it. I really like package design so I figured I should have more package designs to promote that side of me. Since I have an own little project called "pluplush" I decided to launch a new item in my project and make a package for it. 
For "pluplush" I already make clay figures and keychains, so i was looking for something different I could make a package for. I decided to make self-made T-shirts for pluplush and make a suiting package for them. I choose three pluplush's to merge into a shirt design: the pluplush mascot, the wolverene pluplush and the one-eyed-clyde pirate pluplush.
I sewed my shirt together with my sewing machine and started on my packaging. It was harder then I thought but I managed to design a package that is coherent and looks colorful. I'm proud at the ribbons I designed for the box, it gives it a fun touch.

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