donderdag 23 juni 2011

Interactive fanzine: Koala

2nd year graphic design, assignment for my book illustration class.
We had to make an interactive fanzine about a very random story which we had to think of ourselves. To make my story short, it was about a koala bear who is a total jerk towards everyone. This goes on for a while and the protagonist doesn't interfere. The koala even kills a greenpeace woman with tomato soup! And, in the end, still no one has the guts to tell him that the koala is a total jerk. 
It was fun to work with a messy collage-style for this assignment. I also loved to experiment with the interactive flaps which added more fun to the story.  Something extra about the cover (see last picture): at the front there's only written "koala". But at the backcover of the book there are some swearwords hidden. This refers to the story, where the protagonist secretly hates the koala but doesn't tell him. 

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