vrijdag 24 juni 2011

Package & plushie design: NOM

2nd year graphic design, assignment for my skills class.
We had to make a package for an item of our choice. I chose to make the item myself, so I designed three different plushies. They all represent a slice of bread, all with a different spread. I also gave them fitting names: the ham plush calls Dave Backham, the jam plush calls Jams Bond and the cheese plush calls John Cheese. I designed a different package for each of them. The packages resemble a lunchbox. On the back of the package I added the typical icons you find on food packages (like the recycle icon etc.) It was very fun to make the plushies since I never did it before. They are made of felt and are completely hand-sewn. I also designed a little logo tag which you find on the side of every plushie. Designing the packages was very nice and that's the reason I got interested in package design. Designing the NOM logo was quite a challenge since I needed it to look like a typical food logo. This assignment learned me to combine a lot of elements into a solid design.

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