maandag 26 maart 2012

Spare time: Pluplush

I already talked a lot about my personal project called "pluplush". So I thought I could give you a little more information about it. I'm  20 years old now but I'm still very fond of cute children's toys. That's why I founded my own little project called "Pluplush". This project consist of many cute little creatures which I designed myself, called "pluplush". I'm trying to make a lot of merchandise about these characters such as T-shirts, figures, keychains ... etc. It also serves as an opportunity to design some cute packages for my products, which I love to do. Every now and then I launch new figures into my project, which all have a certain theme like: pirates, superheroes, halloween,..etc. The kind of people who I'm trying to appeal with my products are kids, but also every person(like me) who likes cute gadgets.
If you're interested in this little project of mine you can go to this website and check it out.
Here are some random photo's about the project

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