zaterdag 31 maart 2012

Artwork: Extasy

3th year graphic design. Assignment for my imagination class.
We had to research the meaning of the word "ecstasy" and make an artwork about it. Through my research I came to an interesting contradiction in the realm of ecstasy.
People can get ecstatic of they unwrap something but also when they wrap something. For example: in the phenomena SM, people get ecstatic by wrapping other people in ropes. But for example a chile who can unwrap his birthday-present is also ecstatic. I tried to wrap these two ideas in my artwork. So I took a brown box, which you would want to unwrap. But you can't because I wrapped it with a rope. But I wrapped the rope around the box in a SM kinda way. So the rope prevents you from unwrapping(and being ecstatic) but on the other side, wrapping it SM-wise is also ecstatic.
The same phenomena goes for my other box. For this I used a pie-box, which I'm sure everyone wants to open. But yet again it's wrapped with pie-rope which prevents it from opening, but the rope also refers to the ecstasy of SM.

 © All rights reserved, Sara Nysten
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