woensdag 12 januari 2011

Poster for a cause: Xinix

2nd year graphic design. Assignment for my advertising class.
We had to choose a good cause and make a poster about it. It could be an awareness poster but also a poster talking about an event that they host. I chose the organisation "licht en liefde" which  specializes in people who suffer from bad sight or even blindness. They had an event going that called "xinix". The event was for students and had the purpose to make them more aware about a life as a blind person. The students would get locked up in a dark room where they had to do a series of challenges. I made a poster for this event which had to appeal to teachers, and made them go to the event with their class. I chose to make the poster like a test and fill the answers with braille.It was really hard to find an appealing slogan. My teacher didn't think that the final slogan was really good but I think otherwise. He said I shouldn't have chosen an english slogan because not everyone speaks english. But my opinion is that every teacher should know a little english. Also my slogan refers to the star wars series, so i guess that people would understand and feel more connected because of that. I also had some problems with the logo in the under left corner since it has some weird colors which didn't fit with the poster. Anyway, I'm very satisfied with this poster.

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