woensdag 11 mei 2011

Poster for fictional company: en carte!

2nd year graphic design. Assignment for my advertising class.
We had to think of a fictional company and make a corporate identity for it. The company that we had to create had to be based on some item that was precious for you. For my company I based myself on some old postcards that I got from my grandmother. With these cards people wished each other good wishes in some cliche phrases. This gave me the idea of turning the concept, of sending cards, around. My company produces cards you send to people you want to wish the worst things possible. Because I think there are many hidden scandals in society that are not expressed through the card system so this might be a perfect opportunity for an company. 

With my new fount company the phenomenon of "buying cards for people who you don't like" becomes a devious intent. Imagine that you caught your neighbor with such an evil postcard or someone caught you. There would be a lot of mistrust prevalent among men. So I thought of a folding system for my postcards with which they first appear as a normal postcard but only if you extend the postcard you see the real purpose. This keeps the situation among people still confidential but there is also a place to express your real opinion. 

My company is called "En carte!" which refers to "en garde" and "carte". Also, I have chosen to integrate two crossed sabers in my logo who refer to the struggle and the rivalry that can be expressed my cardsIn my poster I used a collage style that I made by putting pieces of old picture postcards together. I choose the phrase "een kaart voor iedere snoodaart" (a card for every bastard) as slogan. This because it rhymes and also because the old fashioned swearword "snoodaart" refers to the old postcards.

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