dinsdag 21 februari 2012

Advertising: Jnjoy

3th year graphic design. Assignment for my advertising class.
This was a group project in which we had to make a campaign for he company "Jnjoy".

"J&JOY Clothes are made in the best factories in the world, and are made of the finest fabric to reach the best quality. Our attention to details and the unique style of our garments make each piece of the J&JOY collection a totally unique product.To create this unique product-line , J&JOY gives applies its unique perspective to the selection of fabric and colour, because individuals, at any age, appreciate the combination of beauty, style and comfort. The principal concept of the brand is to revisit the « POLO » in all sense of the term. We add to it a LOT of color, nice and original prints and embroidery, and gives a final « vintage » touch thanks to the special washing we are making on it. All those details makes our difference. But J&JOY goes further and suggest very original color combination and very flashy colors as well."

We had to make this assignment with two students from graphic design and 4 students from marketing.
So I'll only talk about the things that I created in this campaign. First we had to redesign the logo (since it's very ugly). With my new logo I tried to establish a link between the logo and the shirts Jnjoy makes. This by trying to surround the letters of my logo with a rough edge, which refers to the way Jnjoy sew their logo on their shirts. I choose for the slogan "Jump in the dream" because my basic idea was: "if you wear Jnjoy clothes you get sucked into a colorful world, a dream. Later I changed my slogan to "jump in full-color' since that suited more with the colorful clothes of Jnjoy. I also made a corporate identity with my logo and the rough edge from around it.

The idea behind our whole campaign was visible/invisible. Now, in the campaign I created the design of the bus-advertising. I designed the bus as if the people inside it are wearing jnjoy clothes are inside the colorful dream world.
Next I designed the packaging of the shirts which are flashy plastic bags. On these plastic bags are shown random objects and the logo, the random objects refer again to the dream-world.
Last I designed the in-store design. Because it had to relate to visibility/invisibility I used plastic, see-through strokes in the store. These strokes hang from the ceiling and create racks for clothing, seats for people and decoration. There are also plastic balls hanging from the ceiling with in them, the same random objects which are shown on the packages.

This isn't my personal taste but that's not what advertising is about. It's an exercise to listen to the customer and what he wants with his communication. You can only put a little of yourself in such a project I'm afraid, but it was a nice experience.

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