woensdag 25 juli 2012

Graphic novel: bezoek van kleine dood

3th year graphic design, assignment for book/illustration class.
We had to make a graphic novel about whatever we wanted. The only thing that had been decided was the title: "bezoek van kleine Dood" (visit of little Death). I decided to make a flip book as a graphic novel since my novel included no text at all. It’s about a lonely pirate which floats all alone in a sea of carbage. One day a colorful bird comes by, and another, and another,.. until he is totally surrounded by a swarm of birds. And when the birds leave, they leave the boat behind..empty. It’s a metaphor for someone who gets saved from his lonely gray life by death, in my story represented by colorful birds. The birds represent the "little death" of the title because they are small. The "small death" is also shown in a way that the death in this story isn't a bad thing, that's why it's "small".

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