woensdag 11 april 2012

Scientific booklet: Qurta & El-hosh

3th year graphic design. Assignment for my illustration/booklet class.
We had to make an scientific booklet based on a text that was provided by my teacher. The text was about archeological rock paintings in Egypt. We were free to do what we wanted, even thought it had to be scientific, so it shouldn't be too experimental. We also had pictures given to us by our teacher to use as we please.
I tried to make the booklet less scientific by using the bright yellow, that way it doesn't have a scientific feel to it. The yellow also refers to the sand in Egypt. I also altered the pictures, given to us, in illustrator or photoshop so that they were less busy and clean. I also altered the colours to fit into my black/white/yellow colour scheme.
We also had to make two big fold-out pages on which we had to show a reconstruction drawing of the sites of El-hosh and Qurta, and how they would have looked in the past. I shoose to make these drawings by digital painting them. Next I used a different type of paper for my booklet, a more thicker paper with a gentle structure. This makes the booklet feel more decent, but the structure also links it to the sand in Egypt.

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