maandag 27 augustus 2012

Book cover: Journey to the end of the night

3th and 4th year graphic design, internship assignment.
The company where I did my internship has a project going on called : "Doedemee". I'll use the explanation they have on their website :

"Well, to keep it short, antwerp design studio beshart called out to creatives worldwide to help them fight illiteracy in a unique co-creation project. We carefully selected 100 people from 28 countries, based on credentials and interests, creating an international and diverse group of contemporary artists. Each of these artists has re-covered a classic novel that appears on the Observers list '100 Greatest Novels of All Times'. Result is a unique collection of poster size cover designs (50x70 cm) which will be sold online. Proceeds go to an organization fighting illiteracy. The 100 posters will also travel as an expo to raise awareness for the problem of illiteracy and give everyone a chance to see this marvellous collection in its full glory. At the same time we hope people will be inspired to read a book, or find out more about a particular artist."

For this project I also redesigned a book-cover. I was given the book: "Journey to the end of the night" by Louis-Ferdinand Celine. For designing this poster I didn't look up what the book is about. I just used the title and my own imagination to make an appealing poster. I thought it would be fun to see the difference between how I interpreted the title and what the book is really about. I tried to go out of my character with this poster because people see me as the "girl who makes cute things". So I didn't want make something "cute" again and this time I tried to design something more "creepy". I'm very happy with the result! It has become a nice poster with a fun color scheme.

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