dinsdag 28 augustus 2012

Poster design: Witty ideas

3th & 4th year graphic design, internship assignment.
My internship company was working on a poster shop. Sp they are planning to make some appealing poster and sell those in a shop. They asked me to design some posters for them. This resulted in some funny poster designs which I'll share with you now. Mind that most of them are still works in progress.

A connect-the-dots poster. The idea behind it is that everyone can create his own poster as he wishes. BUT there are small and big dots on the poster. If you connect the big dots, you also get a drawing (the dinosaur, whale and bird). Of course the dinosaur etc. aren't printed on the poster when you buy it, it's just for showing the hidden drawings. I really like these posters and I'm thinking about printing them myself.

This is just a poster with a quote. The quote really got to me and so I tried to make a fun poster with it. I'm not completely happy with it, I think it might be too dark.

Again a quote poster and again I'm not completely satisfied with it yet since it's also quite dark.

I'm really proud at this poster. It's a poster which shows you how to make an origami bird of it. I choose for this concept since the slogan "unfold yourself" reminded me of origami. And I thought this could be a fun idea for a poster. But now it's a bit weird because it says you have to unfold yourself, but actually it gives the instructions to fold it. It might be a fun idea to make the origami bird and then reverse the instructions so people know how to fold it open. And when they do they see the slogan "unfold yourself". Anyway I'm defiantly going to print this poster!

I enjoy doing mazes and so I thought "hey why not make a gigantic maze on a poster?!" And so I did. And, when you find the right path, you would get a slogan or drawing. I think this concept is really nice, but I'm not really happy with the visualization yet. It doesn't really appeal people to take action.

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