maandag 8 oktober 2012

Poster design & Advertising: Khlim off/Ginsert

3th & 4th year graphic design, assignment for the city "Genk".
A while ago I was offered an graphic design assignment for the youth department of my home city, Genk. Of course I immediately took this opportunity, since it's my first time doing an assignment for third parties, not related to school. They were going to host a youth project and need some poster and sticker material for it. Every year one of the schools of Genk, called Khlim, hosts a party for it's students to celebrate the start of the school year. Normally this party takes place in Diepenbeek, but this year it was moved towards Genk. So the people of the youth department of Genk were planning to let some busses ride off and on from Diepenbeek towards Genk. This to get all the partygoers easily towards the party and back, with an extra buss-line. 

But they wanted to decorate those party-busses a bit, so they asked me to make some posters and stickers for the busses. The posters were going to be hung inside the busses and the stickers were going to be pasted at the front of the busses. All posters and stickers were going to have a different subject.,When I was designing all that material, I also needed to design a brand identity for the youth department of Genk. A look&feel, in which they could decorate their posters in the future, and a logo of some sort.

Unfortunately the project was cancelled. Even so, the work I did wasn't in vain because now we were closer to a logo and look&feel for the youth department. They asked me to make a totally new announcement poster for an event of the youth centre, with the look& feel we decided upon. This poster was approved and now visible in the streets of Genk. Below you can see all the material and works in progress of this assignment.

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