dinsdag 11 september 2012

Illustration: Genk

3th & 4th year graphic design, assignment for the city "Genk".
A week ago I was offered an graphic design assignment for my home city, Genk. Of course I immediately took this opportunity, since it's my first time doing an assignment for third parties, not related to school. They needed some poster and sticker material for a youth project. I'm not going into detail here since i'll post the real material and assignment description later on. The illustrations shown here, are example illustrations I made. I wanted to show them in which directions they could go with their posters, and what's better then an image? I didn't use any of these illustrations in the final material. But I thought they were nice, so I decided to upload them too. You probably wonder what the mine building is doing on the images. Well, Genk is famous for his mine and it has become a symbol for the city. This explains why I used it in my illustrations.

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