dinsdag 28 augustus 2012

Illustration: City life

3th & 4th year graphic design; internship assignment
My internship gave me a lot of time to do "my own stuff" while I was there. So one day I thought "I want to make a cute illustration. But a detailed illustration of which I can be proud, and show to the world. After some thinking I decided to make an illustration of a cute city. It was a lot of work coming up with nice ideas for the city and I ended up with this:

Then my internship teacher send me some kind of a 3D world and said "Maybe you can convert your city into something 3D" I thought this was such an awesome idea that I started on it right away! It took me some days but I ended with a detailed and cool illustration, ready to florish my portfolio.

After I made this illustration I put it up in competitions, I made a poster of it and used it as an advertising illustartion for my pluplush business. So I'm very happy that I took the time to make the illustration since it's been of great use for me. And because it took a lot from me I'm even more proud at myself with finishing it.

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