dinsdag 28 augustus 2012

Poster design: 3D paper world

3th & 4th year graphic design, internship assignment
My internship company was working on a poster shop. So they are planning to make some appealing poster and sell those in a shop. They asked me to design some posters for them. This resulted in some funny poster designs. My internship teacher found one of the poster designs very appealing and said I could try to reconstruct it with paper and real objects. Doing so would result in an setting with a lot of depth from which I could make a fun picture. I could even make the picture into a 3D image which you can watch with 3D-glasses. And so I did!

I first made all the different objects and next I hung them on a construction above the setting. I did so with pieces of fishing wire which I nodded around the wooden construction above. It took some days before I had the setting like I wanted it too, because rearranging the objects and hanging them backwards or higher etc. took ages. Eventually I took some nice pictures of it.

And next I took some pictures which I edited in photoshop and made into a 3D image. I thought this was a great project since I've never done anything like this before. And now I have more knowledge about these sort of things which I can use in my further life!

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