zondag 2 september 2012

Character designs: mad hatters

3th & 4th year graphic design, spare time.
I'm a very big fan of the company momiji. In short, it's a company that makes cute little dolls. And I saw they had a "submit designs" button on their website. So I took my chance and designed a series of dolls. I gave them very bright colours, and every one of them has a funny hat. Because of this last thing, I called my series "the mad hatters". Unfortunately momiji already had all their doll series planned for the coming year. But they said they were gonna save my contact information, for when they need someone. I guess that's better then nothing. Anyway, take a look at the designs! I made two different types of the series based on feedback I received from friends. I couldn't decide which was better so I decided to post both.

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